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Our Story



In 1952, after a two-week cross-Atlantic voyage, nineteen-year-old Arthur Alimonos arrived on Ellis Island with dreams of bringing his homeland’s traditions to America. Rising in prominence among the finest chefs in New York City, he spent years mastering his marinara sauce and pizza crust, until opening a small eatery in Brooklyn in 1956. No longer penniless, he labored tirelessly with the help of his wife, Angie, to open restaurants in Hartford, Connecticut; Greenfield, Massachusetts; and Athens, Greece. Combining dedication to excellence with the famous hospitality of his homeland, Arthur had created a recipe for success in American and abroad. 1977, Country Pizza & Italian Grill was established in Clearwater, Florida, where it quickly became a local favorite, winning awards for best pizza. In those days, word-of-mouth was the only advertising; today it is the truest. And the Alimonos family continues the tradition. We still hand roll the dough; we still stir the sauce, and we still bake using old-fashioned stone top ovens, just the way Arthur did fifty years ago. And you can taste the difference. That’s why at Country Pizza & Italian Grill, our motto is: “Taste – Tradition.”


          TWO LOCATIONS TO SERVE YOU!              

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